Thursday, March 12, 2009

My hair was my main attraction. I had thick, long shiny hair. Everybody complemented me about it. Then one day I started noticing that my hair was falling out and I was thinning on the top of my head. I started to get anxious and knew I had to go see my doctor. It took me two weeks before I could get an appointment. That was the longest two weeks in my life. I did not know what was going on and I was scared that all my hair was going to fall out. While I was waiting for my doctor’s appointment I researched on the web for reasons why women lose their hair. I knew that this was not a solution but it would be informative. Only a doctor’s care could determine why I was having hair loss.
In my search I found a lot of reasons why women lose their hair. It could be from stress, hormones, medications, dieting and even illness. I thought to myself the only thing I could be suffering from was stress. I wasn’t on any medications or dieting. As far as an illness I haven’t had any changes going on in my body besides the hair loss.
I went to my doctor’s appointment. He told me that he would have to run some tests before he could diagnose me, because there are different things that can cause you to lose your hair. I went through the tests and waited anxiously for the results. I went back to see my doctor for the diagnosis. He said I have telogen effluvium, which is a temporary hair loss. The tests he took ruled out all other conditions and diseases. At that moment I felt so relieved. My doctor asked me if I have been stressed lately or did I go through any trauma. I told him that about a month ago I was in a car accident. My doctor said that could be the reason why I am losing my hair. My doctor’s advice was not to worry and eventually my hair would grow back in about six to eight months. It’s been six months and my hair has fully grown back. I was amazed at how trauma could affect your body. Luckily my experience was curable.
There are so many reasons why women lose their hair. When this happens it puts you in a panic. Fortunately most of the reasons why you lose your hair can be treated. You just have to find out what is causing it by going to a doctor. Most important is getting treatment right away. The longer you wait could result in your hair not growing back. The minute you see a change in your hair is a good time to see your doctor.

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